Rosetti Happy Birthday Banner

Introduction: Rosetti Happy Birthday Banner

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Do you want to celebrate birthday party of your loved ones, Give surprise with home made birthday banner.

Here is beautiful birthday banner helps you add some color and whimsy for the birthday party.

This garland is made with acid free and linen free cardstock,fully assembled and ready to use modal.

Affixes easily to the wall with tape,pins.

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Step 1: How -To

Basic supplies

scoring board,scissors,glue,foam adhesives,craft mat,twine,needle, paper hole punch( to make small paper chips)and your choice color acid and linen free cardsocks 12/12 inch

1.cut the cardstocks with 2 inch width and score them and fold back and front the join the edjes and stick with the glue.

2.You will get the folded circlors then cut the circles according to the size of the rossets and stick with the glue

3.see the above pictures to get an idea.

Step 2: How To

Cut circles smaller than the previous one,see the picture.Then draw the HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters on each circle with the pencil and glue the paper chips according with to the letters. Fanally cut the twine to the banner size and join all the craft pieces with using big needle from the back side see the picture for idea.

Tada the birthday banner is ready to decorate party.



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