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Introduction: Round Tool, Box Organizer

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Now I cannot take full credit for this idea. I saw it somewhere and cannot remembet where!! I am not sure how close this is to what saw but none the less it may be helpfull.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

tools and supplies:
pvc pipe (in diameter you chose)
saw of some sort
scrap wood
a little time

Step 2: Cut Pipe

Chose the length of your pipes to fit in your tool box drawer. Cut to length.
Now split tubing down the middle and sand all your edges.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Now drill clearance holes in both ends of the half tubes. Chamfer if you feel so inclined.

Step 4: Cut Wood

Find a couple of scraps of wood and cut them the width of your toolbox drawer. Using short wood screws attach half tubes to wooden strips.

Step 5: Fill Up Slots

Now just fill up slots with tools of your choice!! I filled up with boring bars and such. My inserts do not bang arohnd against each other and i can find what i am looking for.
Hope this cleans up a tool drawer for you!!

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