Runaway Mouse




Introduction: Runaway Mouse

yes to build a runaway mouse all you need is

+ a Microsoft basic optical mouse
+ glue gun
+ dremel
+ 2 AA batteries
+ 4 inches copper wire
+ duck tape
+ electrical tape
+ a motor with 6 inches of wire (to change the battery
+ a brain don't dremel or burn your self

Step 1: Dremel

dremel a hole for the scroll wheel to fit through
it must fit loosely tape the scroll wheel down so it peeks out of the hole


Step 2: Glue

glue the motor in place must be touching the scroll wheel like in the picture

Step 3: Battery Pack

take your 2 AA battery's and a small piece of wire strip all the plastic off the wire
put one end of the wire on + the other on -
tape it on to keep it tight. wrap it in duck tape

Step 4: Connect the Wires

connect the wires look at the picture

Step 5: Glue It Togeather

glue the shell together

Step 6: Optional

take the usb cable cut it and put it in the hole on the front of the mouse

Step 7: Your Done Watch the Video



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    10 Discussions

    So do I. I have no idea what this instructable is even for thanks to your pictures.

    As kiteman said, better photos would be great, also do quick spellcheck there's one built in to the editor, it make and 'ible so much better... Motor, not moter.

    Hmm, finally those continue geeks have to work for their entertainment. I can see it now, all the coworkers chasing their little mouses.

    That's a cute idea, but (ouch) buy a new camera!