S0lekill3r's Knex Halo Master Cheaf Helmet




Introduction: S0lekill3r's Knex Halo Master Cheaf Helmet

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hey guy's since my last guns that i built ive been trying to build a helmet out of knex and all of them fails.so i decided to build s0lekill3r's halo helmet heres a video of the helmet:

Step 1: Top Part

this is the top part of the helmet it holds it on your head

Step 2: Jaw Protection

this bit covers your jaws/mouth

Step 3: The Sides

these are the sides of the helmet

Step 4: The Back

this is the back

Step 5: Assembly!

this is how to assemble

Step 6: Done!

and ther yyou are a cool looking halo helmet



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    Thats cool! But you should make the top more round or something. But other than that sweet!

    could you get some more pictures of the back? im stuck on the red pieces

    You probably should make sure you don't seem stupid before commenting... "desing?" What the heck is that?

    design desing very close. Only 2 letters switched if you can't figure that out maybe you are the stupid one?

    hey, no need for insults or swearing :) you don't need to call him a "twat" just because he spelt chief wrong! Anyway, you said that I (as in you) spelt it wrong. Hit the keyboard in the right place!

    Otherwise, awesome helmet!

    i havent built it but just looking at these pics i can easily see how it goes together.

    i built the how thing and checked over about 50 times and theres no possible way that it goes to gether properly. the top of the helmet isnt going on and it keeps falling apart when i lift it

     I recommend you build this.  It takes about 30-60 minutes to make.  It looks like it won't fit a small head, but I built it and it fits perfect.  Also it is great for airsoft.  I give this best knex project of the year.

    No problem! It is really cool! A little short but who cares! 5*s a little hard to build with the instructions but I managed.