Safety Cover for Knife Made Out of a Belt




Introduction: Safety Cover for Knife Made Out of a Belt

we all know  cutting yourself with a knife sucks, and having to buy new expensive covers sucks more.

well... this is a cheap easy way to make a cover from an old belt you dont need
. :)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

ok what you need is:

a belt you dont need made from leather!!!
a knife
an excuse to borrow a bandaid from someone...... just kidding

Step 2: Cut the Belt

for this step you need to measure the knife to the belt and cut the belt.
the tip of the belt is the best part to use because it is in the shape of a triangle, so try to use that, if not... you will have to glue or even sew on of the ends.

Step 3: Insert the Knife

this part is a bit tough. you have to stick the knife into the belt to make the space where the knive goes.... as in the picture...

this take alot of patience ok?dont go givin up yet.

once you finish you have to put it in, and pull it out a few times to remove any dust of string or whatever.

Step 4: Enjoy

well hopefully this worked out or you... if it did, yay it looks really cool right?  if not... well, try again.

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    9 years ago on Step 2

    very good idea


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks.... i kinda got the idea when i cut myself with a i came up with this.