Safety Goggles Modification (SGM)

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 This instructable will show you how to place a flashlight on safety goggles so you won't have to hold a flashlight when you have to do something with two hands. This is meant to be an on-the-field modification, as with the name.

This is also known as the SGI (Safety Goggles Illuminator).

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need :
-tape, as said in the previous version, electrical tape will do best for this
-LED flashlight, I recommend using high power LED's, I bought high power flashlight for USD 60 cents. It is extremely light, and is a good shine per buck flashlight.

Step 2: In the Making

 Cut 2 lengths of tape of the same length. Tape at the positions shown in the image, and that's it.

Step 3: Operation

Now to use this just wear and turn on the flashlight

This must be the simplest instructable I made so far. Really, look at my other i'bles. 



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    And some places won't let you even attach a lanyard to them either, unless it came with the glasses.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    better get one of those high power LEDS than the flashlight itself then just attach it to a batt3rry p@ck out of rechargeable batteries.
    Yes, HO****, do not drop your frickin SLEDGEH***** on MY foot or else, ill make a fricin' NERD gun that fires mixtures of KNO3 and sugar in your nuts with an attached "nutcracker" rocket or maybe a few class IV/4 lasers (those ones that go up for more than 1 watt, can burn your skin and is not a nutcracker, more of a nut vaporizer.....)
    dont dare do this thing, coz nobody likes roasted nuts....

    1 reply

    you mean boiled nuts, anyway what's your YM? and what in the instructables site is a NERD gun? + stop using sugar, you're better off eating the stuff then farting it out with a lighter by your behind. Besides, there are better fuels out there. Have you acquired some kno3 from some of your urinium samples yet (to people who don't know what urinium is, it's a substance we discovered to have high potential as a power source for many devices. We also renamed the orig. name to urinium, if you say it to yourself you're gonna' discover why it's urinium)?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    preferably lighter ones, the one shown is pretty heavy and the goggles slip of my ears most of the time so maybe rig your belt w/ a couple of batteries because that's the heavy part ( duh ) and stick a couple of LED's to the side of the goggles, literally, but stick it there in a comfortable position and make sure the wires don't hinder your movement because it won't be safe if you entangle yourself in wires and drop your hammer on top of your foot, ouch!