Introduction: Sailboat

•Construction: Stitch and glue plywood/epoxy/fiberglass
•LOA: 10m/32’-9” (One double-bed cabin)
•Beam: 5m/16’-5”  (3m x 3m bridgedeck with tarp)
•Sail area: 18 sq. m/194 sq. ft. crab claw + 2 jibs
•Mast: 8m/26’ aluminum
•Location: Australia, Qld, Hervey Bay
•Steers like a sailboard (mast rake, etc), shallow draft, very stable, easily dismantled for transport.



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    6 Discussions

    All comments are from four years ago (2015.) Wish some of the questions could be answered somehow. Really interested in this design now. Thanks, Ken

    Is this your own design? If so, could I have a look at the study plans? If no, could you tell who's design it is?

    Very interesting design. Would like to see more when you get time.

    here is one more. Too bad it is virtually impossible to take a picture of the boat sailing when you are alone. There are more pictures on in the proa section.

    I must say I would be interested in seeing some more detailed photos of the boat.