Salt Water Energy

Introduction: Salt Water Energy

guys are you want to make energy


what you need is ................SALT! ohh not the movieee

the white powder you use in your kitchen

yes the salt!

my last year science project

now What you need are

1. salt





6.plastic cup

7.copper sheet

8 aluminum foil


double-sided tape

Step 1: Step-1:making Saltwater

first take two glasses

pour water to 3/4 height of glass

mix 3-4 spoons of salt

mix it !

ok now

stick this glasses to the board (optional)

or your work place

circuit is given above !

Step 2: Step-2: Peparing Your Circuit


take a piece of copper foil

connect it to the wire (red)

take a piece of aluminum foil

connect it to the wire (black)

now connect these as shown in the image to multimeter

and also to the L.E.D

now the light glows !

Step 3: Step-3:understanding the Circuit

now 1 glass of water = 0.5 volt

and 2 glass of water =1 volt

you may use as many glasses as you want

now enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BY: P.Likhith Reddy

11th grade

BYE! .



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    This is a really cool project! Do you have any more photos of how you built it? Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    congratulations you've built a wet cell battery using the galvanic potentials of your two metal electrodes and salt water as your electrolyte

    hoe does this work

    hi, i am new to instructables, but i am thinking of using this for my sceince fair

    1 reply

    yes ,

    but my sincere apologize for you

    it is due to limited time I have

    to say

    I go to school 8 am and come to my home 7:30 pm so I have only 1 hour to use my computer

    hope you understand

    again sorry

    but thank you for a comment

    yours likhith

    (plz give your commentz and hoping you vote for me)