Sanding Off Old Wood/paint

About: YOUTUBER/BLOGGER ... mrsquirelsacks... I am new to this site and just working out the kinks very cool stuff to come soon

Just a short video showing with just a bit of sanding and some stain most wood can be saved

this thing was in bad shape but now i think it is real nice

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you tell a little about your carving process? What kind of tools did you use, and how did you finish this?

    It's a great looking cross!

    3 replies

    I did this cross years ago and then i was working with just a chainsaw a sawzall and a router and a belt sander made from an old't ask not talking about that on here that is before i found there are better ways and after a lot of sanding got it down to a fine paper and just went with a gunstock stain

    i am i like this site very much so i will be at it for the next few day posting some old stuff and working on new things