Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bake




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The hardest part of this dish is figuring out what to call it ! It's like a quiche that fell into bread pudding.

 I'm used to cooking for a large hungry family, but they have all grown and moved on so I'm trying to cook smaller portions but this is still a large dish that will feed me for 3-4 days

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Step 1: Ingredients

sausage, I'm using hot breakfast sausage but you can use plain or any you like
eggs, 4 in my case
can of cheddar soup
 green peppers
 cheese, I''m using velveeta and sliced cheddar. sorry they were to shy for the pic
 Bread, I'm using 4 day old sandwich rolls but any substantial bread you can cube will work ( I don't recommend white sandwich bread but it "could" be used)

 This will be enough for a medium sized casserole dish for a larger 9x12 dish I would double the eggs, soup and milk and add a couple more rolls

Step 2: Sausage

brown your sausage, peppers and onions in a skillet until the meat has lost its pink color, drain and allow to cool slightly.
 While the sausage is cooking and cooling do the next 3 steps

Step 3: Cube It

cut your bread of choice into smallish cubes, you need enough to loosely fill your casserole or other oven safe dish

Step 4: Custards Next Stand

eggs and milk is a basic custard, here we are beating 4 eggs, 1/2 pint of milk and a can of condensed cheese soup until combined, is there such a thing as a cheese custard ? Maybe one of the trained chefs in my family can tell me

Step 5: Make It Cheesy 1

I took about an inch slice of velveeta and cubed it

Step 6: Mix It Up

take your cheese and cooled sausage mix and stir it into the cubed bread, pour the egg mixture over everything and using a fork make sure every thing is submerged. Allow it to sit for a couple minutes and then pop into a 350f oven for 40minutes

Step 7: Make It Cheesy 2

after about 30-35 minutes pull the dish out and cover the top with sliced cheese, return to the oven for 15-20 minutes

Step 8: Is It Done Yet ?

around the 45 minute point try sticking a knife in the center if the knife comes out dry your done, if not continue checking at 5 minute intervals. NOTE: because of the cheese the knife won't be clean but it won't look wet either

Step 9: Lets EAT Already !

This is a rather filling dish, I figure approximately a square of cheese worth is a portion, that can vary of course depending on the eater and if you have side dishes. This is a great brunch dish or a breakfast for dinner dish.

 NOTE: any one who knows me, knows I use ketchup/catsup/catchup on 97% of my food ESPECIALLY if its eggs. Hot Sauce is probably 99%

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