Say Hello to the Zoo!

 personal critter zoo of molli the woodtagger

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Your zoo is wonderful!  I just love that raven (hate to say I would have been tempted to "fly" him home with me if I found him in the woods too)

    2 replies

     i would have expected him to be adopted earlier, but it took some weeks. before i had to steel him back: my teenage-son didnt want him to be set free in the wood and had him hidden in his room. 
    so i made another one, the big-beek-type at the end of the show. he is still in custody upstairs.
    the raven is a tribute to our first pair of nesting ravens for many years, and they brought up one single youngster last year. i watched him take his flight lessons together with his parents last summer. this years nesting business has already started and one parent bird is always on their huge nest. i can still watch him from the hiking path as long as the trees havent so many leaves, as you can see in the picture. (it is a very small black spot in the center.)


    Thanks so much for the wonderful story behind the raven.  I think it is so sweet that your son hid him in his room.  We have ravens here in Montana too, but I've never seen any nesting.  I love watching them soar overhead.  What a glorious bird and I love yours.  Glad it's still in the woods!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I could see somebody walking through the woods at night getting the crap scared out of them from those first two :)

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     when i fixed the beaverface to the oak  i had two hikers as a giggling audience passing by...
    first time at all i got caught in the act.

     those in the trees are made especially for the place and i leave them in the wood.  though it isnt always easy when they look at you!

    now, in spring birds stuff there homes with the wool, so the beaverface  is quite battered by now . i made it in octobre. the raven was "stolen" after three weeks.