Introduction: Scab

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how to make a scab - this is an important step to take if you hurt yourself while making something or on something you made.

Step 1: Get Something to Hurt Yourself On!

I recommend getting a new bike with clipless pedals, but suit yourself. powertools would work well too.

Step 2: Get Hurt.

a scrape works best for maximum surface area. cuts are ok too. I discourage puncture wounds.

Step 3: Wait a While.

you should wait a while. some people recommend bandaids or ointment. I don't. you can use soap if you are dirty.

Step 4: Have a Scab.

you will grow a scab unless there is something wrong with you. if you don't you should see a doctor. don't pick at it.



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The best way to heal a wound is to let your dog lick it. They like the taste of blood, and their saliva and its contents are great for killing germs.

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And dog mouths are filled with bacteria and diseases that can eat your flesh... really, it's happened.

One time a dog licked me on my arm and it was eaten away by these flesh eating bacteria. Now I'm typing with one hand.

my mom takes my dog to the groomer and they brush my dog's teeth =P

How to get a scab! 5 stars dude I never knew you could do that! wow, this is amazing! I have to show this to all of my friends! Thank you so much!

if you do graze yourself and you want it to heal super fast with less scaring.Wash wound put a spider web on the wound [minus the spider]then sprinkle black pepper on the wound and a scab will form instantly.

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