Scalable Polygonal and Polyhedral Geometric Construction System




About: hi everyone i am looking employment , full-time , casual, project based and am open to discussing collaborataions . please contact me if you wish to discuss my design or have projects or employment offers ....

Scalable 2D (polygonal) and 3D (polyhedral) construction system for use in the construction of various geometries i.e geodesic domes, space frames, trusses etc

The system is comprised of

- cylinders (hubs)
- struts (rectangular section steel, aluminium, acrylic or other )
- jaws ( 4 x same shape - two with slot for compression spring and two with hole for small pin to compress spring)
- high tensile bolts
- nylock nuts ( have explored quick release fasteners i.e bicycle wheel skewers etc )
- fail safe jaw washers
- hub centre eye bolt (for rigging/hanging)

I designed this configuration to employ minimal manufacturing processes, it is laser or plasma cut (found laser provided a smoother surface finish) . The first prototype was originally create by the camp fire in the bush with basic hand tools .

The concept was the extrapolated , to a much more sophisticated and expensive design, prototype was 'grown' via optical fabrication in liquid ultraviolet curable photopolymer "resin" was to then be manufactured from injection moulded Nylon6 .

modelled around 'handcuffs' and 'hose fittings' ...

financial and other personal issues halted the project there ...

that was about 8 or so years ago ...



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    A paragraph of description, or at least a cross-sectional drawing of the assembled joint, would make this a much stronger instructable. Specific questions I have...

    What's the purpose of the "washers" (those pieces installed coaxial with the ring)?
    Are there features to the "fingers" that hook over the edge of the ring that we can't see in the picture?

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    This is what I can garner from the illustrations above. The one larger washer is to center all parts to the hub ring. The two smaller washers are used to lock down the strut fingers to the hub ring and set the struts to their proper angle.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    reply to BoilingLeadBath : they are a fail safe to stop(not that they would) the jaws coming open ... also to be able to use an eye bolt through the centre of the hub

    Dream Dragon

    6 years ago on Introduction

    There's some very interesting ideas here. I can see these kind of joints being incredibly useful in a variety of ways.

    Thank you for sharing them.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    that should be much more clearer now ... xray vision :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    thanks guys ... i had to get the other images sorted . done .