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People can be creative through many different forms, including hair. Here is an easy tutorial on anyone looking for a fast, good hairstyle sure to turn heads!

Step 1: Products

First, gather all hair products needed. The products you will need is a straightner, hairspray, heat protectant, and spiking gel.

Step 2: Prep

Make sure hair is nice and clean. Hair should be brushed, free of tangles because straightening tangled hair can damage your hair.

Step 3: Safety

Before you straighten your hair, apply the heat protector. This will prevent split ends and burnt hair. Burnt hair will not spike up very well.

Step 4: Straighten Away

Set heat according to your hair type. If new to straightening hair, use a moderate, or medium, setting. Start by sectioning hair, beginning in the front. Simply take the hair and apply heat until satisfied with outcome. Hair should feel smooth and appear straight.

Step 5: Spike Prep

After you are done straightening your hair, take out your spiking gel. apply nickel-sized amount to your fingers, and begin to rub between hands. Too much gel can weigh down hair. If in need of more, reapply with dime-sized amounts.

Step 6: Styling

Once spiking gel is rubbed into your hands, starting from the roots, run fingers from root to tip. if needed, look downward for gravitational support.

Step 7: Spray It

To finish off your look and to make sure it maintains, be sure to apply hairspray, spray from 1-2 feet away from your hair, too much will weigh down the style and cause it to fall.

Step 8: Flaunt

Now go out into the world and have them show off their new hair.

Step 9:



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    Forn Man

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to do my hair like this for the next school dance! Excellent. JF