School "music Fest" Prizes

Introduction: School "music Fest" Prizes

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache

This is a really good way to adjust your limited butged on prizes, and to use your creativity and talent to help with the short amount of money that your school have.

Step 1: Draw a Key Symbol

First draw the music symbol on a card roughly just using a pencil, then trace it with a marker, and a thicker line on both sides of the principal line.
The template has to be thick because i have to nail it to a base made of the same material: 9mm mdf.

Step 2: Trace the Template on the Mdf

Use the template that you already made (previous step) and trace it on a mdf piece.
I use some left overs parts
Trace as many music keys you need. The base has to be flat.

Step 3: Drill Some Holes and Cut

Drill holes in the mdf  to insert the sawing machine blade.
cut to the lines and inside the forms.

Step 4: Make the Bottom of the Prizes

cut the bases of the same mdf. i cut squares and draw a line at the middle to attach the music symbols
A pre-hammered the nails leaving just the tip to adjust  the pieces, put some glue and then hammered both together

Step 5: Start Painting

i first painted a coat of white waterbased paint. Then start with the colors. I did two layers of the same color on each prize.

Step 6: Paint the Details With a Thinner Brush

i use a "liner brush", its works to paint lines. I wrote "3rd place, music festival.."

Step 7: Barnish It and Use It

i use a marine barnish
and after about 12 hours, use it to award the kids at the music festival!
good luck!

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