Scrambled Eggs W/cheese and Sausage

Introduction: Scrambled Eggs W/cheese and Sausage

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This "ible" will try to show you how I cook scrambled eggs with cheese, I think it's the best way but I'm admittedly bias. I did a search on here and didn't find any "ibles" quite like this so here you go

Step 1: Getting Ready

 Getting started actually takes awhile although you can do it faster by cutting out the 1st step of getting ready.

 1. figure out how many eggs your going to want and set them on the counter for at least an hour
 your also going to need
 Cheese of your choice
  sausage, bacon, ham, shrimp or etc
  hot sauce
  butter, margerine, bacon drippings, lard, olive oil or other cooking oil of your choice
  a glass
  an immersion blender or milkshake mixer or whisk and lots of elbow grease
  Frying pan
  an appetite

Step 2: The Sausage

cut or break up the sausage and get it in the frying pan to warm thru, a little bacon grease at this point helps brown the sausage

Step 3: The Eggs Part 2 and 3

while the sausage is warming up, crack your eggs into the glass, add a teaspoon of water for each egg and a good splash of hot sauce, Im using the juice from a friends homemade hot pepper salad but use what you like.  I don't add salt at this point because I think it makes the eggs tougher but it's up to you.

 Now for what I think sets my eggs apart, I didn't invent it, in fact Waffle House(tm) uses a similar machine to make their omolets. I used to use an immersion(stick) blender but I found the milkshake mixer at a thrift store for $3us !  It will double the volumn of your eggs by adding in air and make the finished results super fluffy...

Step 4: On to the Heat

pour your now whipped egg mixture into the medium hot pan and quickly add in your cheese, chunking the cheese will help it melt and mix faster. let it set a about a minute and then start stirring and mixing with your spatula or wooden spoon. Stop and remove the eggs from the pan while they still look a little soft and under cooked, the residual heat will finish them off just right. If you cook them until they LOOK done, they will be overdone when you go to eat them

Step 5: Enjoy

Nows the time to add salt and pepper if you want. A couple pieces of toast or a bagel goes nicely on the side. A homemade biscuit and grits would also be nice but I was out of grits and to lazy to make bisquits

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