Scrap Bowl

Introduction: Scrap Bowl

A pot that I made from some of my broken glass dishes, tried to reuse them. here's how i did it.

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Step 1: Sticking the Pieces.

I chose some better pieces, almost 2 to 3 inch big, b'coz smaller ones were a little tricky to use when i tried.

i made a rough sketch of the pot visualizing the glass pieces.

so i came up with something like this and sticked them together with a super glue called fevi-kwik.

after this I covered all the joints and edges with a sealing material that we use in kitchen and terrace to stop water leakage from pipes, I chose it because it's cheap, water repellent, long lasting, break proof and most of all, dries up real quick. The one I bought is named M-seal.

Step 2: Adding a Base and Coloring

well, I took three large pieces and sticked them for the legs of it.

after that i just colored it.

that's all.

now I m using it as a fruit bowl on my dining table.

( This is my first attempt of instructables, so please comment if you like it.)

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