Scrap Metal Scorpion




Introduction: Scrap Metal Scorpion

My Name is Philipp, i am 15 years old and from germany. This year i built a scorpion out of scrap metal for Christmas for someone. The whole sculpture is welded together out of nuts and metall rods. After some weeks outdoors it gets an nice, rusty look.

Step 1: From the Front

Step 2: The Clwas

The claws are made out of pieces from an pipe.

Step 3: The Tail and Body

The tail and body are made out of nuts.

Step 4: End

I hope you liked my project, i would be happy if you vote for me in the "homemade gifts" contest.



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    8 Discussions

    I like your design. I forged something like this a couple of years ago and sold it on etsy:

    Nice job. I made a spider like this for my grandad he loved it, which was also an xmas present!

    Very cool.I've just started seriously using the stick welder I made from another Instructables.You've given me some ideas.

    Nice work, I think I have to make one now!