Scrap Stasher




Introduction: Scrap Stasher

Step 1: Materials and Patterns

for this you need about 3 sheets of poster board from the dollar store (50 cents each).
scissors or a craft cutter to cut out the patterns
white glue

forceps for holding the paper together while the glue sets up

The six patterns for each paper shelf.  (Outer borders are cut, inner lines are scored only)

recommended:  gloves, to keep smudges and whatnot off the clean white paper while you are working

Step 2: Cut and Score the Six Shelves

Cut each pattern out so that the inner rectangle is 9 inches wide along it's widest dimension.

Of course, you can scale it up or down, but keep each interior rectangle consistent in width between them.

Score along the inner line to enable clean folded edges.

(A craft cutter is highly recommended)

Step 3: Glue the Inner Corners First

With the exception of the largest shelf, all of the pieces have a thin rectangular base.  Near the base of each shelf, there are small interior tabs which form the corners of the rectangular base and must be glued first.

If you have a lot of forceps, you can glue them all and let them dry in parallel.

Step 4: Glue the Largest Two Shelves

Once all the bases are dry, start assembling by gluing the two largest shelves together first.

Apply a light amount of glue along the folded tabs.

Align the two large shelves together as shown in the second picture.  Once they are aligned, clamp them carefully with the forceps until the glue holds on its own.

Step 5: Add the Remaining Shelves

Once the two larger shelves are glued and the glue has set up for a bit, you can proceed to add the third largest shelf in a similar manner.
Continue this way one by one, aligning each successive piece and letting it dry before proceeding to the next.

Step 6: The Last Little Bit

The sixth shelf has a little flap which needs to be glued.  This is the last bit.  Once that is dry, you are done!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is so neat! Love how it looked at the end.
    I will make one for my sister.
    Thanks for sharing.