Scrap Wood Christmas Tree





Introduction: Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

tis the season to be jolly ...

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Wood

using some left over wood I had form another project I decided to try and make a simple christmas tree to hang on the wall to a) at least try and be a bit festive and b) as we don't have that much space in the apartment for a real tree

measuring and cutting 10 the wood to end up with 10 individual peices all different sizes from long (the trunk) to short (the top branch of the tree)

Step 2: Mockup

quick mockup after all lengths have been cut

Step 3: Drilling Holes

all pieces laid out and for drilling and the horizontal branches will be screwed to the vertical trunk.

I decided to keep it v-simple and use only one screw per branch, this will also allow the branches to be easily tilted for effect once finished and mounted

srews are sunk so that the trunk can fit flush to the wall

Step 4: Test Hanging

ready for hanging and looking good, ready for paint !

Step 5: Painting (staining)

I decided to stain the wood instead of paint - mainly because I had some stain left over in the garage and this is a recycling project anyway ...

i used 3 different shades of green for the branches and a brown stain for the trunk

the staining came out really - it is transparent so the wood pattern can be seen through the stain

Step 6: Finished



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    Done even simpler and cheaper: took small thin planks used for fruit cases and dead wood from the forest. Added some little christmas lights.

    A great moment with kids.