How to Make a Scream Mask at Home :)

Introduction: How to Make a Scream Mask at Home :)

Step 1:
The ingridients:
Hard papers or anything that cannot break easier like cillicons(this is more cool material!)
Glue or staplers to stick together.
Scach tape or transparent tape to protect the paper.
Microsoft word or Word pad!
bond paper long is the recommend if you want short its for ages of 4+
and Puncher for the Rubber band or Straps :).

Step 1: Scream Papermask Start

Step 2:
Print the file of ghost face(Peanut eye ghost(its the true name))
Download this and this is will be for 4+
you can modifie it :)


Step 2: Scream Papermask Second

Step 3:
You will need a long if you want for you 12+ or short for 4+
Cut the ghostface if you want to remove the black thing you can cut it!

Step 3: Scream Papermask Trilogy

Step 4:
After you cut the bond paper with scream mask picture cut the size of your cut picture in the folder or cillicon,etc
and glue or stapler it with the picture.

Step 4: Scream Papermask 4

Step 5:
Now you will use the puncher in the side of your mask and put a 2 rubber bands!

Step 5: Finish Product :)

Now this is the Finish product of our project!
the violet thats the folder:)
and i cut the black thing :)

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