Screen Guard for Phone Camera


Introduction: Screen Guard for Phone Camera

many of us would have tried to install screen protector for cell phone camera( which failed)

many of us have camera which bulges out of phone

things required-
1)transparent cover
2) feviqwik or super glue
3)common sense

warning- Be careful while using super glue.
If some super glue falls on camera we cannot wipe it away.
Be very very careful.

1) choose a transparent film
100% transparent
( what i used is the cover which i got when i bought phone screen guard)

2)cut a small piece.

3) put super glue and paste on back panel( see picture)

4) wipe the panel with a paper or cloth to remove excess glue.

5) make sure the panel is dry and no super glue is left over on the panel.


be pro-active and install for all phones as soon as u buy them.

replacing the transparent film is in our hands.

thank you



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    3 years ago

    Good Job Man, I Always Think How To Safe Camera Lens Whenever I Kept My Phone On Desk Or On Anything, Now I Got Solution Thanks To You Keep It Up :)