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Introduction: Screwdriver Car Key

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A car key disguised as a screwdriver. This prank will make it look like your car has been stolen by having the ignition punched by a screwdriver, while in reality it's just your normal car keys

Even though this is a harmless prank there's the real possibility of it being taken seriously. So use with caution (or don't do it at all).

Here's a video of it in action:

To keep things accessible I stayed away from welding, opting for a strong epoxy combined with a clever joining solution to combine the stainless steel screwdriver with the nickel covered brass key.

Ready to build your own and get into trouble? Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

To make your own screwdriver key you'll need an extra set of your car keys, and a screwdriver.

This obviously won't work for newer cars that have electronic proximity or transponder components, or other types of car keys with sophisticated security.

When choosing a screwdriver try and select a screwdriver with a bright colours that looks really obvious, this will help it stand out when jammed in the ignition.

You'll also need a rotary tool with a cutting wheel attachment.

Step 2: Chop Screwdriver Shaft

I used a rotary tool to chop the shaft from my screwdriver. With the handle of the screwdriver securely tightened in a bench vise I slowly worked the rotary tool to cut the screwdriver shaft about 1/4" (6mm) from where it meets the handle.

Step 3: Slot Screwdriver Handle

Mark the key width in the cut end of the screwdriver, make sure the key is centered on the cut shaft.

Transfer the key width to the cut end of the screwdriver with a marker, then use the rotary tool to cut a slot into the screwdriver shaft and into the plastic handle of the screwdriver. This slot in both the metal shaft of the screwdriver and the plastic handle will ensure good contact between the screwdriver and they key and prevent it from snapping out from torsion.

Step 4: Cut Key

The back of the key will need to be cut flat to sit inside the slot. Since we want to wide end to sit in the groove we cut into the handle try and keep as much of the key handle as possible.

With the key securely tightened in a bench vise the back of the key was trimmed flat with the rotary tool.

Step 5: Epoxy Key to Screwdriver

With the key cut with a flat back, and after ensuring that it easily fits inside the cut slot, the key can then be epoxied in place.

Two-part epoxy was mixed and gobbed into the screwdriver slot.

Step 6: Fit Key Into Screwdriver Slot

The key was a tight fit into the screwdriver slot, once the epoxy was applied I used a hammer to tap the screwdriver and key together.

The epoxy was then left to cure completely, making a solid connection.

Step 7: Insert Prank Key

Once the epoxy is cured you're ready to take the new key for a spin!

Have fun explaining to the police that the screwdriver in your car steering column is actually your new car keys :)



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25 Discussions

For new cars, I think if you chose a big enough screwdriver, you could hollow out a cavity a that is big enough to fit the whole part of the key with the microchip in it

Even funnier, replace the screwdriver with a mock gun. The police will love it!

I have one for my 67 GMC pickup. Since there are no "wings" on the switch I just have the skinny part of the key sticking out. Funny when opening the door and looks great in the ignition.

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That's great! I'd love to see, do you have a picture?

I enjoyed the instructible. Certainly it's a funny prank to play on law enforcement, but how often does one get stopped?

To address the weight, one could bore out the majority of the handle prior to attaching the key, reducing it somewhat. The knee-bump is still a consideration, of course. Have two keys, one "real" and the other with this handle, using it only to open the doors. Look around furtively while unlocking your car, to enhance the entertainment value.

Yeh, maybe break the key or break the lock/switch.

Good observation. I never thought of that. I guess you'd have to be extra careful

My car key-ring is as light as it can be, just not to transmit forces to lock mechanism. With your knew you can accidentally kick the screw driver and break the key, not to tell how to keep the key while not in the car. I guess I'll continue with my little light key-ring.

I would use this as an uber driver lol


2 years ago

My cars, and keys are old. My Honda key works fine, but the plastic end with the transponder has broken into dozens of pieces. This could be a great alternative to the valet key I am using since that key does not fit well. I may even be able to embed the transponder and buttons into the end of the screw driver handle.

if you get pulled over for a ticket, the cop will give you no end of harassment. yep a great conversation starter .

Just be careful with all the trigger happy police around nowaday... Don't put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation

Seriously, this could be an adaptive key handle for those with limited mobility.
Of course, I'm not sure if it would be the best idea for them to be driving but...

This is hilarious! I would totally love to use it when picking up friends. Great instructable.