Seconds Counter for Binary Clock

Introduction: Seconds Counter for Binary Clock

About: student at electrical engineering i'm proud to be like Nicola Tesla, EEngineer

; the idea ;
32+16+8+4 = 60 sec

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Step 1: At Beginning :

السلام عليكم
first of All sorry for my poor English :|
in this instructable I'll show you How to make "binary clock" beginning from seconds counter to minute and Hour in final

Step 2: Why Bascom Avr ?

I used bascom language to programming -ATMIGA8L-
,it was a High level language
and has about 130 instruction
with a clearly and easy directives
so , the " bascomian programers"
:-D would know this /5/ standard principles in programing :
1- Directives (the mcu, crystal..
2- configuration (pin,port,ADC..
3- variables (x,y...
4- main program
5- subroutines
and you there should follow this sentences at any program
you write it

Step 3: Schematic :

we need
'6 leds (3mm)
'6 resistors ( 200 ohm ...)
'1 microcontroller (in my case atmega8l)
connect each components like the picture

Step 4: On Test Board :

after we connected the components
it's well be like the first picture
we connect the leds directly to controller because they deserve just 10 mA from 1 pin
and from all pins 60 mA
and my controller can resist this value (it can resist up to 300 mA)
optionally component ;
- I added sponge cap from (old watch box) I have cut it from centre to fitting the leds ( it's black to absorb the light and to see the clock clearly )

Step 5: The Program :

*Directives :
$regfile ="m8def.dat"
$crystal = 1000000
*configuration :
config portc =&B00111111
*variable :
portc =&B00000000
*maim program :
While portc=&B00111100
Incr portc
wait 1
portc =&B00000000

Step 6: The End

in the result we had got
seconds counter
picture 1 : 0
and after one second
picture 2 : 1
..picture 3 : 2
picture 4 : 3
5. : 4

Step 7: Pray for Peace in My Country

inside the majestic umayad mosque
Syria , Damascus
older city in the world

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! I love binary clocks. I actually have one similar to the watch displayed in your instructable.


    Reply 4 years ago

    from where can I buy one ?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Sadly I don't know. I got it as a gift a while back.