Security System With Old R/c Car and Cellphone

Hello everyone in this instructable i will make use of old rc toy car and old cellphone to make a security system

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Step 1: Parts Needed

1. Old R/c toy car

2. Old cellphone (i am using nokia 1100)

3. Relay coil

4. Reed sensor

5. Magnet

6. Battery and battery pin

Step 2:

  • First of all remove chips (circuit boards) from the R/C toy car and the remote
  • Solder the reed sensor terminals to button terminals on remote board with the help of wire as shown in the fig1
  • Name the this as sensor and transmitter module
  • Now connect the output terminals of receiver board to relay as shown in fig2
  • Solder two wire to the green button (call lift button) on cellphone
  • And connect those wire to continuity terminal of the relay (when relay is in off state) as shown in fig3
  • Name this as receiver module

Step 3:

  • Attach sensor and transmitter module to one side of door using double tape
  • One the other side of door attach magnet
  • Place the receiver module some where else in home
  • Connect batteries to both of modules

Step 4: Working

  • Enter the phone number in the cellphone and close the doors
  • When someone enter into the home from door we will get call from the cellphone
  • When the door is closed the reed sensor is in continuity state (i.e buttons is pressed) therefore the relay gets on and there is no continuity between terminals in cellphone. If the door is opened there is no continuity in reed sensor (i.e button is not pressed) relay is in off state so cellphone wires get connected and we will get phone call

Step 5: Finally

We reused old r/c toys and old cellphone to make home security system

Feel free to ask queries

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    4 years ago

    Dude this idea really is awesome but I would seriously love it if you could make a video to make it less confusing for me

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