Self Feeding Knex Gun Version1.0

Introduction: Self Feeding Knex Gun Version1.0

my latest gun features my feeder design that has a jiggler to help stop jams. with a block trigger and my hand grip design ammo is blue poles

i have had this design for about a year but have not had the time to post it

the onley part you may run out of is the joiner on the side of the feeder there are 38 of them

Step 1: The Main Base

in this step you will need to make the main base there are 10 joiners at the back

you will notice i took plenty of pics of all the steps

Step 2: Building Parts for the Barrel

you need to build these three parts

Step 3: Putting the Parts Together

i think the pics explain it all just put the parts where they ar in each pic

you may need to take some of the clips off to put the pole in then put the clips back on

Step 4: Making Parts for Feeder

there is a part missing on this step i apear to have forgoten to take thi pick it is the same as the first pic except it has 5 joiners on it

Step 5: Puting It Together

putting the first side of the feeder together

Step 6: Paking the Last Parts for the Feeder

the third part will be put on near the end

make the parts in the pics

Step 7: Put the Parts Together

just put the parts where they are in the pics

just noticed the second pic is crap but i dont think the pic is realy needed just slot the part in on top of the other one and clip it in

third pic is what it shoud look like now

Step 8: Buliding Fireing Pin and Hand Hand Grip

pics explain it all

Step 9: Ataching the Hand Grip

pic 3 shows where that part we made before gose

Step 10: How I Put the Bands On

i onley need 2 bands to operate the whole gun

the first gose on the fireing pin the second gose on the trigger and the jiggler

Step 11: How to Load It

this gun features a load strait system

step 1 place 2 blue poles on top of the feeder like in the pic

step 2 turn the center pole if done right the ammo will fall in

thats it you have made my gun i am going to make another version of this gun hope i can get a true trigger on it

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    19 Discussions

    An Villain
    An Villain

    10 years ago on Introduction

    the "jiggler" is a false-bolt action lever, congratulations on using one i have only seen 2 others done on this site and none like this.

    The Jamalam
    The Jamalam

    11 years ago on Step 11

    poles are referred to as rods on this site by the way, it's just an instructables knexer standard


    11 years ago on Introduction

    your i'ble was easy to read and made a lot of sense. the gun shoots pretty far and doesn't jam as easily, so i'll give you a 4. the clearness of the i'ble was of the best i've ever seen great job =D 4/5


    11 years ago on Introduction

    the jiggler stops to many POLES from getting in the way and alows you to fix jams easley i will admit i tried real hard to put a true trigger on it but the jiggler kept getting in the way version 2 of this gun is nealy complete it has three barrals 2 of them with a feeder it has a true trigger and it shoots the little white POLES i was able to fit the true trigger around the 2 feeders because the 2 jigglers face each other trying to reduce the friction caused from the barrals to get more distance the onley thing that realy let s my designs down is my grips by the time i get to making the my brain is fried

    It sure looks cool, but I think the handle area could use a lot of work, and maybe a true trigger would be nice. But it does look like it could be modded easily, so I give it a 3.