Semi Auto Rubber Band Gun




Intro: Semi Auto Rubber Band Gun

this is a instructable about how to make a wood semi auto rubberband gun. I have made my own pattern and i designed
this rubber band gun in 3D on vectorworks 2008 for a class
project. This is a complex gear box and it is rather hard to make unless you have the right tools.Hope you enjoy my instructable.

Step 1: The Gun

this step is to show you how the gun it self works.

Step 2:

first I will name each piece with a letter then i will give you the dimensions below.

if u want to make this just send me a massage with the piece numbers and i can send u the length and width of that object 



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    Good work indeed. Perhaps the toothed part needs to user a stronger kind of wood. But still great work.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah a pdf with all there part there actual size would be awesome!

    can u make an ible for the one thats in yout pic on airsoft rcoket launcher. the full auto one?