Semi Invisible T-shirt




Introduction: Semi Invisible T-shirt

this is a very cool thing to convince people your magic, show them what you made and they will be blown away!

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Step 1: Materials

you only need a t-shirt a camera and a computer for this instructable

Step 2: Making the Shirt!

first make 2 pictures:
1 of your background
1 of you wearing your t-shirt

then import it into your foto editing program ( i suppose you have 1, otherwise download a trial of corel paint shop pro ).
click on your foto with you on it and go to layer->background layer->promote background layer
then go to your background and copy paste it on your own layer then move it down, you can now close the background window
in the layer window move the background under your own layer, if needed erase some background on your own layer so your real background is visible
then duplicate your own layer so you have 3 layers
go to your own layer and click on the little eye next to your copy then erase the t-shirt, if you dont do it very precisely you get the best look
put on the copy layer and put opacity to 50%

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    There is another free program called GIMP ( Play with it a bit too... Lots of effects & tools that are similar to PhotoShop. Look into layer Masks and other things too for these kinds of effects. Good job and keep learning!


    Nice Instructable... Next you should set the layers to one of you with the shirt, and one of you without a shirt so just the shirt is invisible


    12 years ago on Step 2

    you have a bright future in computer graphics :)


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 2

    well thank you =D made my day