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Introduction: Serger Made Elf Hoodie

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ever wanted to recycle an old sweater?
how about more than one
my friend challenged me to do so
with this instructable you can make a hoodie for yourself fast and easy
all sewing is made with an overlocking machine because the material is elastic and a normal stitch would rip apart very easy

Step 1: Get All the Stuff

time needed about 3 hours
materials :
some sweaters or sweater pieces from a factory(where i got mine)
coloured thread for the overlock machine
hoodie stencil (sleeve ,hood, front and back)

overlock machine (serger)(get one from a friend like i did)

Step 2: Cutting

cut sweaters into band like pieces

Step 3: Sewing

combine colours and sew rectangles big enough to fit under the stencil using  the serger
be careful, all that is sewn will be facing out for this project ,so you will always be working on the right side of the fabric
you will need 2 rectangles for the sleeves one for the hood and 2 for the front and back

Step 4: Tracing Stencil

trace stencil over the pieces you have sewn  and cut

Step 5: The Shoulder Line

sew the shoulder line first  connecting the back piece to the front piece

Step 6: Connect Sleeves

connect both sleeves to the main piece you now have ,and sew just the upper line

Step 7: Finishing

sew the line coming from the wrist to the arm pit to the waist, thus connecting the front of the hoodie to the back and completing the sleeve
sew on the hood and customise it by adding two triangles to make the hood into a elf looking hood

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    2 years ago

    i love it..

    its looks very beautiful.....


    8 years ago on Introduction


    This is fantastic. I like lettucy edges in this context. If you're worried about shoulder seams or sleeve caps stretching, you can always serge in some clear elastic to the seams at the same time!