This collection is a guide to the world of sewing! It covers everything from selecting fabrics to using a mannequin and sewing a backpack. Whether you've never threaded a needle or regularly sew wedding gowns I'm sure there's something in here for you!

For beginners I suggest starting with my "sewing materials selection" Instructable. This will help demystify the world of sewing materials. Then move onto jessyratfink's "how to sew." and "how to sew a seam" Instructables. These cover the basics of hand stitching. If you're interested in machine sewing check out the "how to thread a sewing machine" and "how to sew (using a sewing machine" Instructables. These will introduce you to using and threading a sewing machine. From there, I suggest moving though the projects as you feel comfortable (projects lower on the list are more complicated). My Instructable "How to sew a zipper pouch" is a quick project based introduction to using your machine. If you're experienced in sewing you might want to try the more complicated Instructables.

If you're looking for a challenge try out Natalina's "make a corset" Instructable or my "how to design and sew a backpack" Instructable. If you think there's a great sewing Instructable I left out let me know!