Shabby Rabbit




Introduction: Shabby Rabbit

you will need:
                      cottonwool / stuffing / lavender
                     *optional sewing mashine

* draw out a rabbit shape (like the template in the photo ) on to fabric that frays
* pin the fabric with the rabbit on it to a second layer of fabric
* sew around the rabbit shape - either by hand or using a sewing mashine leaving a gap for the stuffing
* cut around the rabbit shape about 5mm from your stitching to get rid of the extra fabric
* turn your rabbit inside-out through the hole you left
* roughly sew up the gaps which have frayed by hand
* fill the rabbit with cotton wool, stuffing or lavender
* sew up the gap by hand
* sew on two odd buttons for eyes
* stitch a nose in either a X shape or a V shape ( you can also add a few whiskers if you want)

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