Short Sword / Dagger Sheath




This is a short short / dagger sheath if you have a short sword thats lying around (you probably dont) and you want to make a sheath or just want to make a lighter sheath for your short sword.

Step 1: What You Need

For this sheath you will need: scisors, any colour of thread (i used black) ,a ruler, a sharpie marker, leather, a leather hole punch, a flute/ recorder case (hard or soft, soft is good) ,and a weapon OR a recorder for a cool case. P.S. if you want you can cover the whole sheath with leather.

Step 2: Instructions

step one first grab the piece of leather as long as you want, and grab a sharpie to make small dot marks along the side of the leather half a centimetre apart from each other (if you dont understand look at the side of the leather on the picture),

Next poke holes through the leather where the black dots are using a leather hole punch, (if the leather doesnt punch all the way through thats ok just make sure you can poke a sewing needle through it,

Next you have to sew the black thread through the leather and the top layer of the recorder case (MAKE SURE YOU DONT SEW THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CASE, THE SWORD WONT STICK THROUGH) be patient it takes a long time to do it and its hard to sew if you dont know how and where to sew through.

Step 3: Decorating and Finishing

If you want to decorate your sheath its very simple just use a sharpie and draw your decorations on the leather.

If your sword/ dagger isnt long enough thats ok,all you need to do is cut the bottom and then sew it
(on the bottom of my sheeth youll see i rolled up the end and sewed it up, you can do either)

Step 4: Finish

There its done heres a pic of my finished project, i like it! Cool eh.
this is my first instructable so its not all that good and i still might be adding a bit more on the sheath.



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    14 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    but sir i truly do have a (long) sword just laying around. lol. thnxs for the instructable.


    12 years ago

    You could just make a real leather sheath. You can make a sheath out of either oil-tanned garmet leather (cheap, easy, is only a soft covering) or a veg-tanned leather scabbard (hard to make, rigid, way more durable and cool.) Ask me if want specifics

    5 replies

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Most sheaths I have seen have two flat boards (For lack of a better word) These are a little wider and longer than the blade. They pinch the blade between them. A slight hollowing of the space between the boards centers the blade and the outer covering will provide the restriction/compression. The edge and point of the blade never touch the outer covering.


    12 years ago on Step 4

    Fine, but I liked the final design for the sheath, although I could of made it ten times better. Just kidding, =) I liked it.

    1 reply

    12 years ago

    you are going to need to make the cloth portion rigid or the tip of your sword is going to rip threw it if you don't put it in just right. you can do this with a piece of wire sewen into the seam of the cloth (so it doesn't knock against the blade) or a piece (or two) of cardboard glued or sewen outside the cloth.


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 4

    thanks but CHANGE YOUR NAME... or should i say my name... '-'