Shot Gun Shell Goose Call

in this instructable I will show yo how to make a good sounding goose call for little to no cost

Step 1: Materals

all you need is
*a lighter
*a shotgun shell
* a butane pencil torch (optional)
I get my shot gun shells from a skeet range because I go through a lot if shells with other projects

Step 2: Burn the Hole

all you have to no is burn a hole as close to the middle as you can get it. I burn the hole about the size of my pinky finger but you can experiment with the size

Step 3: Blow Your Call

simply block the open end of the shell with your palm and bring it up to your lip and blow in to it like a flute.

Step 4: Your Finished Call

now you have a decent call for no cost! you can also mess around with things like key chains. thanks for reading and please vote for me in the teach it, hand tool only and the hunter gatherer contest!!



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    4 years ago

    Still waiting on that video