Shotgun Upgrade

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this will show you how to modify the shotgun

i added the video to help you guys out maybe you'll be able to see the mod.

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firstly remove the bit which is made up of
2 orange connectors
1 white rod
1 grey connector
but keep them together as we have to use them on step 2. and do this on both sides.


now move the pieces you removed to where the 2 black dots are on the Grey rod in between the green connectors.but then remove the white rod and the grey connector and replace the white rod with a grey rod.DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS ON BOTH SIDES.

Step 3: Grey Clips

Now you need to add Grey clips on both sides of the gun so the Grey rod we added earlier can feed through which gives it more support.and don't forget!do it on both sides!

you add the Grey clips to the barrel the picture is the side of the barrel.

Step 4: Finished!

by doing these simple steps you have made the pump different so you can pull it back further! which means it will load better with more elastics!so all youve got to do now is strengthen the firing pin and the firing pin is made up of 3 pieces so use tape to tape up the joins in the firing pin!

btw this is my first proper instructable even though ive been part of the knex gun community for a long time now! i hope this instructable helped :)

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    52 Discussions

    Mike Cortes

    12 years ago on Step 3

    uh, did they have a gold knex set or is it that u couldn't be bothered to put the coloures in.

    7 replies

    10 years ago on Step 1

    how didyou make it ??? you havent even put it together and you are already taking it apart ps how do you get freinds

    2 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    looks like a P90 a little bit But the pump sucks in this one So that`s why i`am MODDING adamsdead shotgun xD

    1 reply

    why don't you just take the pictures yourself and when i saw the title 'shotgun upgrade' i thought you were gonna make it fire multiple ammo