Shurikens for Dummys *NOT TOYS*

welcome to shuriken for dummys first of i would like to say i this is NOT my idea i saw these on this site from another member who has since left (or at least i cant find his name or work "mog something or another" and i found it to be the BEST of its kind here it is i am new at this so cut me some slack

you will need
an electrical box cover(like 50cents from wallmart)
a sharpie marker
a cuting tool like a drimal or hacksaw(if you use power tools you need to cool off your work)
a file and or grinder

Step 1: Lets Go Big Spender

ok this is an electical box cover go to home depot or walmart it costs like 50 cents each

not a good artist its ok ill teach you how to draw this shuriken its a good idea to use cardboard or constuction paper for drawing so you can place this timplet on your box cover to fit

1. draw a 1 inch square
2. put a dot at the half inch point on all 4 sides
3. draw a line from top to bottom left to right directly over your dots going out side the box 1 and a half inches on each side
4. from the point of the square to the end of each line draw a line (the two tops go to the point of the top line the two left point to the tip of the left line (sorry i dont know how to be clearer on this)

Step 2: Lets Cut

still with me .... good im inpressed i confuse my self some times now that we have this drawn out (i used my templet) we can cut it out use a hack saw or a power tool if you use a power tool (your lucky) use googles and have some water close to you (you dont want to get burned and yes i know you use it to quench and you use oil but im not that picky) please cut on the outside of the lines you can always remove extra material.

Step 3: Finishing Up

now use your file and/or grinder to even out your cuts and take off all the rough edges (grinders use googles and water please) you can sharpen these if you want but there is really no point

the black one is from the store like 4 bucks i cant tell the differnce when throwing them

i am not your daddy or your mommy i take no responsability for your actions if you get hit with one of these it probably wont kill you but you will go to the emergency room and, while they got a intern nurse who dont know how to sew, stitch you up you will have to explain to mommy and daddy and the cops where you got illegal weapons from. so be safe



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    umm well the ones i bought were 3.99 from a actual store not a website so ya there a little more but i like to keep a knife store in my town so i pay the extra... the stars you make are made for about 50cents sorry for the late reply i swear i JUST got an email saying i have a message today dec 8 2010


    Woah thats odd... It was back in 2009, they had a bunch on there. I bought tons for myself and some friends. His post was a year and 3 months after mine. Trust me, they WERE on there, but I guess they had an issue with customs or something. I was hearing on the DX forums that people got their items confiscated before it even reached their house. In certain countries and certain states.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    this was great but I need to know how to make wind demons (giant shurikens)


    i bought my sword form there... they got 10 buck swords and they are really cool too. not floppy or easily broken. very cool...