Shutdown Mod (good for Pranks)


Introduction: Shutdown Mod (good for Pranks)

this instructable will show you how to prank one of your friends on the computer. when they click on the "modded" icon the computer will shutdown

Step 1: Starting Off

for this step what you need to do i first right anywhere on the screen, then go to new and then shortcut...

Step 2: Typing in What U Want

after you click shortcut a window pops up in there type: shutdown -s -f -t 10 -c "a message would go here"...(make sure its in quotes) then click next

Step 3: Type Watever Icon You Want

in this step you would type in what icon you want such as Internet Explorer (you should put the first letters of the words in caps becaus it looks real) then press finish

Step 4: Browse New Icon Picture

after you named your new icon right click on it then go to properties

Step 5: Choosing the Icon

once your in the properties screen click change icon

Step 6: Choosing the Icon

once you have opened the screen with all the different icon choose the icon after the file you named your new shortcut

Step 7: Last Step Almost There

ok once you found your new icon click on it the press apply and ok. and the next time someone clicks on that icon the computer will shut down with the message you wrote



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    12 Discussions

    it didn't work

    ...Idiotic, stupid pranks like this piss me off. Now, rigging the copier in the school library to make free copies? Awesome.

    3 replies

    So will an instructable on doing that be coming???
    I am not really being seriousunless you are going to actually do it

    Eh, it involves a paper clip and older copier machines with the coin box separate from the actual machine... You just jump two of the pins on the cable and it thinks you constantly adding coins. I don't have time to make an instructable, unfortunately. I think there is an old 'ible on the topic though.

    Ah, what a shame. All our copiers are activated by our ID cards. However, I'm sure there would be a way to add credit to the card. Time to get me a smartcard reader.

    Just in case anyone is interested in getting it to work, the command is: shutdown -s -f -t 10 -c "Message Goes Here" You can replace the -s with -r if you want the system to restart rather than shutdown.

    Hey I've got a Question how come your **** prank doesn't work huh? tell me that

    Does this work with Vista? i have tried this like a million times but i did the log off one not the shutdown.

    when im at 3 it says " The file shutdown cannot be found" whada i do?

    its like 10 time posted here.. stop with this crap..

    Cool, but just saying, it's been done before here on Instructables.