Silhouette Targets From Grocery Bags


Introduction: Silhouette Targets From Grocery Bags

Paper silhouette targets can be expensive when ordered from a catalog. Here is a quick and easy way to make your own. 
Even better, they are free.

Step 1: Materials Needed

One or more paper grocery bags The ones I use are called #1/6 and are 17" tall, 12" wide, and 7" deep.
I always say "paper" when I go to the grocery store so my bags are free.

scissors or utility knife

Step 2: Cutting Instructions

First, cut the folded bag length-ways as show in the photo. Make sure you cut through all of the layers

Step 3: Open the Bag.

Open the bag halves and cut down the edge of the seam that previously joined the front and back of the bag to the bottom. Do both sides.

Step 4: Unfold

After completing all cuts bag halves can be refolded or laid flat until you decide to target practice.  
The finished target is approximately 19" wide and 23" tall




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    Very cool, simple, and brilliant! I've made several of these now. I glue them to 18" x 24" newsprint sheets (easier to hang at indoor ranges). I also either glue a "Shoot-n-C" target or a regular playing card at the center as a point of focus. My camera batteries are dead. I'll have to upload some pics later.