Silk Thread Triangular Art Card




this is one of the simple thread art design card. in this i have tried making some design using triangle shape.

for making it we need


-silk thread (normal thread can be used)


-pencil, scale and compass for drawing triangles


Step 1:

draw triangles (i have drawn 3. you may draw one or two)

now including the end points of triangle, draw total 11 points on every side of each triangle. (for that i simply draw a point at the center of that side of triangle and then put 4 points in between center and end point of triangle- at both sides)

use needle and make holes on drawn points

take a silk thread and pass it through needle and tie a knot at one end. make sure that knot is big enough not to pass through holes.

Step 2:

now take out needle from one end point of triangle say 1 and pass it through another end point say 1'

now take needle from 2' and pass through 2

then take it from 3 and pass through 3'

continue doing this till you reach the third end point

Step 3:

once you reach third end point say 1"

then take needle through next point say 2" and pass it through 2'

then take needle through 3' and pass it back through 3"

continue this until you reach 1st point again

Step 4:

now take needle through 2 and pass it back through 2"

then take it from 3" and pass through 3

continue this till you get uniform design as shown

Step 5:

tie knot at backside to secure thread design.. u may use tape ti make secure it firmly

complete remaining triangles in same way

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    Work like this always amazes me. It came out beautiful and I would have not thought of using this technique on a card. Great job on the instructions!

    I think I could even do this.... Thanks for sharing!