Silver Heart Naclace

Introduction: Silver Heart Naclace

How to craft somthing from an 100 schiling silber coin.
its my first instructeble i made it for my girlfrend. Sorry its a bit messy iam kinder in a hurry for registrating for a chalange .Enjoy my work it may inspirer you for some awsome badass workpeace. ( sorry my gramma and/or spelling iam a russian who live in germany so i got too many languages in my had ;-) )

Step 1: Tools

Fine rotarytool ( DREMEL)
-A dimond blade
- triangular dimond bit
-zilindric dimond bit
- brassbrush bit
- metal polish
-polish wool for dremel bit
- a wise
- scrap wood to hold your workpece in the wise
- File grob

Step 2: The Routh Shape

-choose your shape ( mine is a heart)
print it out and lay it on the coin

- draw it on the coin with an permanent marker ( dont worry it will be burn of the coin from the enormus heat while u cutting the schape . take care the wood my start to burn so take clean wood without coting)

- put it in the wise use the wood to prevent the coin from damaging and deforming

Step 3: Feilen

choose a side u dont want to see and make it blank

Step 4: Feilen

choose a side u dont want to see and make it blank

Step 5: Cutting 2

- cutt the upper part like an digital Sinus _|-|_
-know u got a ruth shape of an hart
.\ /

Step 6: Smoothing

Take an drill bit and mill the edges in an 30° angle on both sides

Step 7: Drill a Hole for the Chain

-just drill a hole aproxymitly ○4mm
- smooth the edges with a triangular bit just dive into the hole on both sides
- you can make it look nicer grind the hole horizontal with the wide side of the bit in the hole and the peak end downwards to the heart peak and it will be an concarve v shape
- redoo the step just downwards at the "neck" of theheart on both sides

Step 8: Polisch

-wear a mask to protekt your self from the dust and during cutting also
-polisch it with the woolbit and the polisch

Step 9: Polish 2

the backside
-i cleaned it with an brassbrush bit first
-polish it slithly just to get it nice and not to destroy the buityfull stance

Step 10:

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    5 years ago

    Who cares that your grammar is bad? It's a neat piece of jewellery, well done!


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you very much i aprishiate you comment in the near future i will ad more projects like a rocking chair, an cool table and who knows whats for work got to be done:-)


    Reply 5 years ago

    I realy love the heart !!!