Knex Simple Target





Introduction: Knex Simple Target

You can use this for nice target practice. And it works very simple.

Also see my other instructables.

Step 1: Simple Target

You need to build this 2 times.

Step 2: The Pices What You Can Hit

You have only to make this 1 time.
The orange connectors is what you have to hit.

Step 3: Put Some Pieces to Gather

put some pieces to gather

Step 4: The Finish

Make it don



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    I modded mine a bit. It has a couple more greys on the front, and yellows on the targets. it makes them heavier, and striped. Cool!

    8 replies

    ok well umm heres pics of my new target check it out on my instructibles in great better than this lol srry...

    1 reply