Simple, Spring-loaded Bb Pistol




Introduction: Simple, Spring-loaded Bb Pistol

not as elaborate as some of these pvc monstocities, but still fun to make.

Step 1: Materials

machanical pencil or spring loaded pen
car or tv antenne
hammer or blunt metal object

Step 2: The Barrel and the Grip

first, take apart your antenne and find a cylinder that almost fits your bb

then hammer one end so the bb can almost get through but not quite
(you may have to trim it down so you can use the trigger later on)

Step 3: Trigger (simple)

find another pipe that is narrower than the barrel
flatter the very edge of the pipe like this ______________>---

(sorry, my camera sucks)

Step 4: Firing

load your bb into the barrel and ley it go to the end
then load your sring the same way
now, insert your "trigger" and push agaist the spring untill both the bb and the spring fly out and hopefully hit somebody you dont like

Step 5: This Part Sucks

now the hard part is finding you spring lol
unless you solder the spring to you "trigger pipe"

MY TRIGGER IS AWFULL! Any sugestions would be great.

this was my first instructable so be nice. l8r :)



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    8 Discussions

    good thing but not that good instructables no offence but your details made up for lack of pictures mind if i put this on my groups?

    it was pretty week untill i put a new spring in there. now it shoots a good 20 feet

    small spring, i cant imagine this been very powerful?

    oh, i get it now. lol my mother would ripp my head off if she heard me makeing exlosive bb shels in the basement

    good idea but i dont have a gun i can butcher

    Soldering the spring is a good idea or you can use this idea(to cause some pain): get a barrel(GUN BARREL)cover one end and drill a hole NEAR the end,solder on handles(like a tommy gun);thats the gun Firing: put black powder thru the open side,drop in bbs and buckshot, tilt gun and light a match and throw it thru the smaller hole VIOLA a REAL flack cannon