Knex Rubber Band Gun Pistol





Introduction: Knex Rubber Band Gun Pistol

About: i designed alot of rubber band guns using 1 very basic design and im hoping the site will work and let me post em

very simple easy to make rubber band gun fires 6 small rubber bands

Step 1: Make the Basic Mechanism

Okay, this is the wheel where you attach the rubber bands and the trigger

Step 2: Add the Tip and the Barrel

this step you add the barrel and the tip after you add this, you pretty much have a single shot pistol but without a handle.sorry i forgot the Grey rods,but you can easily figure out where they go.

Step 3: Add the Handle and "hammer"

now you add the handle and the hammer thingy with the hammer added that will make it able to shoot one shot cock it back and shoot another.

Step 4: Final Attachments and How to Use

ok if you got this far and actually could see my pictures that my crappy camera took you are smarter than me on this site.
The last step is to add rubber bands on the trigger and the hammer so they will spring back

Now finally you have the finished gun,now add one rubber band to the wheel spin it back one click add another and so on.Now that you're loaded pull the trigger then cock back the hammer,(make sure when you cock back the hammer your finger is off the trigger or else it will release all the rubber bands in one big shotgun like blast).



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    if the gun is to big, just swap out the grey rods that connect the tip and the firing mechanism for somthing smaller

    wow thanks guys! i really didnt expexct i these good comments i know its a weak gun but its made to save parts soo u can have a working gun and have enough parts for a good rifle this is actually my worst gun i also have a bot action u know like a springfield or kar 98 a semi automatic luger looking pistol a lever action winchester rifle a pump action gun like a shotgun a long range 4 ft long rifle shoots about 30 feet and a semi automatic thompson(my friends love that thing) the only problem is my camera broke so i might not be able to upload these for a while :[

    No, I couldn't build this because of the bad images, but i did a mod on 2 other guns that makes them shoot faster and further. One of them is rapid fire, the other is single fire.

    Original Single Fire:

    Original Rapid Fire:

    My Single Fire Mod:

    My Rapid Fire Mod:

    Please make at least one of them (I suggest the rapid fire one) because you gave me the idea to make instructables for them. Post your pics if you can when you finish one. Thanks.

    P.S. The pics are good because I have a 5.0 megapixel camera and not some low-res webcam or a $10 mini digital camera.

    I made this and its really awesome although its kind of confusing how to load and fire it. On a scale from 1 - 10, 10 being the best, I'd rate it a 9.5!

    Great Gun. I would suggest adding support to the long grey rods. Overall +1.

    looks like a rubber deagle to me,u should re-name it,and then replace the grey rods with more yellow pieces,and make a better handle,it would looke like one.