Simple Vinyl Roll Holder

Introduction: Simple Vinyl Roll Holder

Ok, this is my first instructable! i didnt plan on making a tutorial i just happened to take pics along the way so forgive the lack of instructions/measurements but you can get the idea from the pics,
I work with rolls of vinyl and needed a way to store them whilst being able to see what colours i have,
vinyl roll racks can be quite expensive so i decided to make my own from some wood i had left over from another project,

i made this rack to hold 12inch wide rolls of vinyl, it can hold 60cm wide rolls but if you want to make it for 60cm i would recommend longer dowel pieces,

you can easily scale this plan up or down depending on your needs, i made this one to hold 18 rolls of 12 inch vinyl, but you could just as easy make it for 24/36 rolls or for difference width rolls,

Step 1: Step 1, Gather Your Materials and Measure Up,

all you will need for this project is a piece of mdf/other suitable wood to use as a base/back plate, and some dowel,

i used a left over mdf shelf roughly 160cm x 40cm
the dowel i used is pretty thick at 3cm but rather too thick than too weak,
work out how many rolls you want to hold, i done this by measuring my thickest vinyl roll and spacing each dowel 14cm apart,
make marks along your back piece with a pencil,

see how many dowels you can fit, i had space for 2 rows of 9 dowels,

drill your holes into the mdf where you marked from the above step,

Step 2: Dowels

i had 2 lengths of dowel about 90 inches in length so i cut it into 18 10inch dowels,

Step 3: Drill Time...

find the center of your dowel ends and drill pilot holes in 1 end of each dowel

Step 4: Attach Dowels to Back

screw through the holes you drilled in the back earlier into the pilot holes you drilled in the dowel ends attaching them to the back,

i used a blob of no more nails on each dowel where it attaches to the back for some extra strength, wood glue would of been more suitable but its all i had..

Step 5: Finished!

well thats about it! attach this to the wall or like me the rear of a cupboard door and add your rolls of vinyl,
obviously you could paint/stain it after but thats up to you,

Step 6: Optional Steps/Improvements

ok, i know this could be a lot stronger and there are many ways you could improve it,
this works for me, i had limited time/tools/supplies & skills
i built the rack in about 45 minutes and it serves its purpose perfectly for me,,

a couple of improvements i would make if i made another:

use longer dowels, maybe 14/16 inches long to accommodate 60cm wide rolls easier,

countersink the dowels into the mdf for more strength using a hole boring/spade bit (i didnt have one at the time)

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    wuuutt this doesn't have any comments nice job man i my self have been looking for a solution to getting my many rolls of vinyl in a easier to reach and see place my only concern with something like this is dust i have some colors i dont touch often do you find dust building up to be a problem? also if you could do anything diffrent what would you do?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hey Dukanater Thanks for the Reply!!"
    it was only a quickly made solution for my storage but its served its purpose really well, still using it to this day and not needed any maintenance,

    the dust is a small issue, for rolls that are only being cut i just tack rag them before use to remove any buildup, its only going to be the one small section of roll that gets dusty when left so doesn't cause me much problems,
    for printable media it is more of an issue but i just leave them sleeved in tight paper and tack rag like crazy before use :)

    If i were to build another i would extend and maybe angle the poles slightly upward to better accommodate 610mm rolls,

    i now have it mounted on its side instead of as in the photo so i would maybe add a "shelf" to the upper side and maybe even sides which all extended just longer than the rolls it would be storing to combat a bit of the dust