Simple Beaded Bracelet

Introduction: Simple Beaded Bracelet

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second instuctable woop

this one is a... drum roll please... bracelet yay!

difficulty: beginner

-sea beads

Step 1: Making the Links

the only thing you'll be doing to make this bracelet is adding beads to the eyepin, then connecting all the eyepins together. it's so simple!

so take whatever size, color, shape sea bead you would like to the eyepin. you can add as many as you would like.

once you add your beads to the eyepin you'll loop the end with round nose pliers. (I can do a tutorial on loops if you would like, just comment!)

Step 2: TA DA!

add whatever closure you prefer to the end and your ready to show off your beautiful bracelet!

xoxo ash

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