Simple Bow'n'arrow Project

this is a how to on how to make an awesome bow'n'arrow that has serious range and power and pretty good accuracy!

              the best part is it only requires few parts!  it only needs PVC, nylon cord, duct tape, and store bought arrows. and it can go at least 80 feet. 

             Judges, whoever you may be, please pick this instructable to win.  currently i have to use my dads camera, and i would like to be able to use my own to post instructables.  if i win i will use my new camera to make great instructables that will continue to blow your mind.

             thank you judges and please pick me to win!



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    Ting Shen

    7 years ago on Introduction

    GO and make us more instructables for us to blow our minds !

    this instructable is in airsoft which is in play. i apologize that it is in airsoft, i was tired at the time and i thought i was posting a different instructable that i already posted that accually had to do with airsoft. sorry.