Simple Cheap Pencil/pen Crossbow

alright!!! second instructable. yay!!! ok,this instructable will tell you how to make your own crossbow made out of simple can shoot pencils,markers,pens,and even sticks.

Step 1:

so you need to get these things:plastic clothes hanger(like the one pictured below),siccors (not in the picture,but you need some),a rubber band,binder clip(stripped from a binder)-(sorry the binder isn't in the picture)-and last,some duct tape.

Step 2:

cut the clothes hanger like i did in the picture below

Step 3:

now you should have this. (picture below)

Step 4:

assemble parts A and B with duct tape like so:(picture below)

Step 5:

now take you rubber band and stretch it on the two prongs on the hanger,if your hanger doesn't have prongs,you have to duct tape the rubber band on.(check out the picture)

Step 6:

simple step,just add a litle bit of duct tape to keep the rubber band connected in the middle like the picture below.

Step 7:

your done!to launch it,take a pencil and put it inbetween the part B then,grab it with the rubber band,pull back,then let go.(the picture might help)

Step 8:

*just a reminder*,be safe don't shoot directly at people,try not to put an eye out. also,i will mention that you can use almost anything shaped like a stick for ammo.



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