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I needed a way to display part of my vintage camera collection so here it is!

Step 1: Planning

take some time and think about how it might look and whether it will work with the style of the room..and remember little projects like this are meant to be fun :) and this one is very cheap material wise so it's perfect for a rainy day ....

Step 2: Fabrication

Really simple assembly, once you have decided on the size of your frame. l cut eight pieces of 2" x 1" soft wood ( this is very cheap from the local wood yard or DIY centre) then I just glued and nailed the corners together to make two squares ...remember these are meant to be distressed so the rougher the wood finish and cuts the better!!! then I simply glued the squares together alternating the corner cuts.

then a quick sand focusing on the corners and edges where ageing would be most prominent .

Step 3: Distressing :)

the most satisfying and simple part of the build, mix some boiling water and instant coffee together then add some ground coffee the stronger the better ....then just go to work with a paint brush concentrating on the corners and edges first so that it looks like natural wear and discolouration or alternately you could go down the wire wool mixed with vinegar route, if you preferred a more silvered drift wood effect :)

Step 4: Finish

repeat as many times as desired! I coated the boxes at least 5 times but it's all down to preference and how dark and aged you want them to look ...the world would be a boring place if everybody had the same tastes!!!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've seen people use good old dirt to distress. Rub it in and you get the coloration and wear like it was antique. Wire brush and some coarse sandpaper to add more texture.

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