Simple Electronic Ignitor




Introduction: Simple Electronic Ignitor

simple ignitor to light off fireworks or explosives or just whatever. this project assumes that you know how to wire things together.

Step 1: Crap You Need

you will need the following for this project

1 toggle switch
1 push switch
1 old speaker/headphone cord (male)
1 9v battery
1 9v battery adapter plug in thingy
A small box to put it together in
alligator clips
headphone/speaker female plugin thingy
led if you want
some short pieces of wire
electrical tape

Step 2: Put It All Together

connect the stuff inside. connect one of the 9v battery wires to the toggle switch then the other toggle switch wire to one push switch wire and the other push switch wire to one of the wires on the little headphone jack thing (female) and then the other headphone jack wire to the other 9v battery wire. use electrical tape and tape all your connections. on the old speaker wire i had one that had a male output plug thing on both sides so i cut one off, stripped the wires and put alligator cips on the end.

Step 3: Using It

when you put either nichrome wire between the alligator clips and arm it and press the button it should heat up the nichrme wire enough to ignite whatever you want to ignite (fuses, black powdwer, flash powder, etc.) i couldnt find any nichrome wire so instead i used this jewelry wire i foung in my moms closet lol. i hadto take a lighter and burn the wire first because it has an outer coating on it which is kind of like wire insulation i guess but once you burn it off it should heat up nice and hot. i used tiger tail steel jewelry wire.

Step 4: Finished

go have some fiun with your new ignitor



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    2 years ago

    This has to be the goofiest instructable I've seen yet. "Put all the crap into your box and hook up all the wires". Hahahahaha

    hey i need to know how to wire up the headphone jack and how to wire up the headphone plug and also if any one can help how to connect 4 aaa batteries to work as a power supply for 1 circuit.

    2 replies

    in serial. Pos-neg-pos-neg-pos-neg. probably need to solder them. This is how your cordless, rechargeable, power tools work. The batteries in them are usually "sub-C" batteries wired in series.

    I have had success using stripped wire and liberal amounts of electric tape can also do in a pinch. No solder mess, and you can take it back down to it's components when done!


    2 years ago

    I did this in my project. It's not hard, but the poly wire is nothing but polution and cyanides from burning that. It's really just shorting the whole system and you'd be better off with some easy-peasy steel wool.

    caruncles use model rocket ignitors

    cord end thingies= rca jacks

    I've been interested in making something like this, but would need to make a spark to set off a black powder charge. However, I think it would need some type of step-up transformer like an engine coil (DC). This application would be for large, too-far-to-run, explosives that require a wire directly to the blasting cap/charge. Your "ible" is cool, but I wouldn't want to haul all that around just to light firecrackers or mortars. A 3-pack of Bic lighters from the convenience store for $1.50 seems much more convenient. Still, keep up the good work!


    2 years ago

    If you can't find nichrome wire use small pieces of steel wool rolled into a strip or check out local vape shops who sell either Nichrome or Kanthal wire (both are resistance wires). Any wire will get hot when you short-circuit it, but resistance wire gets hot without burning through and without damaging the rest of the circuit.

    when you have a longer wire and you want the exact spot where it heats up, make a dent there.
    Like hit the wire with something sharp or bend it to an edge (make it thinner).

    that increases the resistance and damages the material in that spot and heats this spot faster than the rest of the wire.

    Iv said in other instructables, but if you can't find nichrome wire, use pieces of thin steel wool. It works GREAT. wrap a small amount of steel wool around a firework fuse and attach it to a 6V battery, or 9V or experiment with others. IT works really really good... in fact i almost burned my friends carpet with it.

    3 replies

    what do you do if you cant afford one im only 13