Simple Lego Key Holder





Introduction: Simple Lego Key Holder

time for some key organization - a new key holder to mount on the wall in the hall

Step 1: Lego Base and Bricks

my initial idea was to use a nice long pice of wood and mount random / old hooks onto (which I have collected) but I decided against it as i thought a lego solution would be both different and pretty cool - esp. having lego blocks as key-rings ;) although the old hook idea would also be pretty effective!

i managed got hold of an old lego board and some 2x4 small bricks to use as my keyboard base

Step 2: Wooden Mounting Board

it was apparent that the lego board mounted on the wall on its own appeared a little "weak" and needed some sort of foundation.

i had some oak left over from another project that i cut to size and used as such as base ...

Step 3: Wood Preperation

the wood will be mounted to the wall and the lego board mounted onto the wood etc.

so that the lego board can sit flush on top of the wood, i had to sink the screws into the wood.

Step 4: Lego Base Preperation

i then (carefully) drilled small holes into the lego bored to allow the board to be securely fixed to the board using small screws

Step 5: Wood Staining

the wood was a little plain looking ...

so for both effect and protection i stained it with some clear coat oak stain (left over from my coffee table project) :)

Step 6: Lego Brick (keyring) Preperation

this was the tricky bit, carefully drilling holes into the lego bricks and getting the wholes centered

i drilled some holes vertically into the bricks and some horizontally ...

I then screwed a (slightly larger) eye headed screw into the bricks which has held very tight and secure (loctite may also help here)

then added the key-rings and to the lego blocks

Step 7: Wall Mounting

time to get it on the wall - mounted and straight - looking good :)

Step 8: Final Assembly

lego board securely mounted to the wood and the screw heads conveniently hidden using some spare lego bricks.

Step 9: Finished

Finished - simply remove a block with a key(s) and take it with you, put it back on the board when you return :)

what also cool is that multiple keys can be attached together with blocks when you need to take more than one key at a time etc...



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    happy to help ;)

    WoW! (jokingly) I use to ground my 3 kids 16, 12, & 8 just so I could play with their LEGO"s. Now they text and PS3. Your Project opens up a whole "NEW" reason I can play LEGO's.

    very creative :)

    It's a good idea however I've seen it lots of times...great quality Instructable and I like the idea but it isn't very original. Good job getting featured :)

    I am not interested in this, Just stopped to say.... "What an Idea!!!!!"