Simple Pedalboard




This is a simple and easy DIY guitar effect pedalboard.

Why bother?

Even if you only have two pedals a pedalboard can help you keep organized. The pedalboard helps keep the pedals in place and turns many objects in to one easy to carry object.

Please leave a comment and rate my instructable i like to know what need to be improved/changed.

Step 1: Tools and Materals

Tools you will need

Staple gun
Drill(If You don't have velcro)

Materals you will need

Wire(If You don't have velcro)
nonslip mat
effect pedals

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Select you wood. If you do not use a power supply for your effects make sure you have enough space between you pedals to unplug the cable from the input jack. Mark a box around the effects and cut it out. You may use a ban saw and or a sander to make designs in the wood or even a carrying handle but I chose to keep it simple. If you want to have you board angled cut blocks out and nail or screw them to what will be the far right and left corners.

Step 3: Painting/Staining

If you are going to paint it keep the coats thin and even. Hand paint any designs or use a stencil and spray paint it on.

If you chose a piece of wood with nice grain you may want to stain it. I don't know much about staining so you'll have to follow the directions on the can.

Witch ever one you chose make sure its 100% dry before you go on.

Step 4: Mounting With Velcro

If you have velcro read this step if you don't go on to the next one.

Figure out what side of the velcro will go on what(I put loops on the effects and hooks on the board) Its important you put the hooks on the board and the loops on the pedals, that way you can switch the order of your chain. Start by cutting them in to strips(see 2nd pic). Peal the vinyl strip off the loop side of the velcro and stick the velcro to the corners of the pedals. Take the hook side of the velcro and stick it to the loop side. Remove the vinal strip off the hook side and place the pedal on the board. Leave it there while you apply the others to give it time to adhere to the board.

Step 5: Mounting With Wire

If you don't have velcro this is the step you need to take instead.

figure out where you are going to put each petal and holes on eather side. Run wire up through one hole over the pedal and down the other. On the underside of the board twist the wires together. Repeat this for all the pedals.

Step 6: Nonslip Mat

Finaly for the nonslip mat. This will stop you pedalboard from moving when you turn the pedals on and off or kick it by mastake.

If you did not put tilt on you board take your board and place it over the nonslip mat and trace a line around it. Take the board off and cut on the line. Finaly flip the board over and use the stapler to staple the mat to the bottem.

If you put tilt on you board or do not have enough mat to do the way I jest stated do it this way. Cut out four squares the size of the blocks used to give it a tilt. Place one at each corner and staple it in place.

Step 7: Done!

There now your done. Now you have a way to keep your pedals from moving around and a way to keep everthing to gether and organised.

If you liked my instructable please lease a comment and rating.



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    13 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    hey, hows the super overdrive? i have the ds-1, but i'm looking for something a little more mellow.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea, definitely something I could use for my set up. The only other thing I'd love to see is a way to power all the pedals from one power supply. Seems like the 9V batteries will get drained as long as the input cable is plugged in.

    4 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    when i get more pedals i'll post an in strucable that will build off this telling how to make a big fancy one with a built in power supply.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wasn't this posted before? I thought I saw something JUST like this. I might do this, I have too many pedals everywhere, compressors, distortion, heavy metal, wah-wah, so yeah, might do this. Great job.

    3 replies

    for the kill switch, maybe consider using a proper stomp switch. They are around 10 dollars. They usually come in DPDT format. They are great! They have a heavy duty chrome tip to stomp on. Anyways, great idea!

    i origanly bought a stomp switch but you need to tap the switch to get the effect and an on/off switch does not alow rapid tapping.


    Did you make those 6 inch right angle quarter inche cables that daisy chain your pedals? Also, if you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay for those pedals. They look like they are very good quality.

    1 reply

    i would have made them (radio shack sells the same plugs these have for $20) but i could not find any good insolated wire at my house.there the ones a daddys junky music when they try to sell you the $12 6in monstar cable ask if theres cheaper ones and these are them there $6. As for the pedals the black one is my killswitch(see my instructables)and the suplys cost me $12.26,the orange is a Boss DS-1 destortion and he runs for $39 and the yellow one is a Boss SD-1 Super overdrive that goes for $49.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, my friend made one of these using plastic corner brackets. (his pedal board measured over 1 metre in length tho!)